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Its large x-height, vertical stress and snug serifs make Neuvos an upfront and tough headliner. Although it has a hard-boiled cover, one can find hints of noble Transitional type like Baskerville underneath. Neuvos assures in editorial work and brings its Frutiger inherent calmness into branding or even signage systems.

Neuvos shares characteristics with some sturdy Newspaper types from the early 20th century. This is visible in stout serifs and vertical line stress, for example, which brings underlying firmness into text. In addition Neuvos introduces a notable variation in line thickness, which adds sophisticated vividness into its assertive essence.

Neuvos is a well-suited companion to virtually any body type and makes a great match especially with Tanger Serif family. Its comprehensive character set includes, for instance, small caps and 14 sets of numerals including index and circled numbers.

Neuvos is designed by Jarno Lukkarila in 2013

Neuvos type specimen