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We offer Standard (Std) and Professional (Pro) versions of Walmer Marker typeface for both WEB and DTP use.

If you want to get everything out of this handwriting-like script, choose Walmer Marker Pro. It makes use of an OpenType feature Contextual alternates ’calt’, which changes three glyph variants in text giving the typeface a further handwriting likeness. Calt is typically switched on by default in applications. When it’s off, Walmer Marker Pro will display just as a Std version without the alternatives*.

Walmer Marker Std includes our standard OpenType character set. It has the same handmade appeal as the Pro version, but without glyph alternatives. Even so, the text is inherently lively and natural. Should I say Std looks more like a typeface and Pro more like true handwriting.

*Note that support and handling of OpenType features is application specific.